brand identity


We've developed a new corporate identity and a website for a real estate project management SaaS platform. With us this American startup obtained a new freshlook.

xChangePlus is a SaaS-platform for project management in the real estate industry. The service simplifies communication, document turnover and project planning.

Idea. xChangePlus optimizes the real estate business flow: client communication, deadlines and documet turnover. Let’s put it this way — the service brings everything together «under one roof».

Lawyer Buyer Broker
Buyer Lawyer Broker

Logo. Based on that idea we created a dynamic logo that served as a basis for the new bran identity.

Branded graphics is easily recognazed due to colors, borders and the «+» sign.

02. The real estate industry lags far behind the times 03. It’s time for a new system 01. Inspired by technology that changed the face of the trading world
Redis - xchange-style
Redis - xchange-style

Main page. With the new identity we crafted a narrative that showcases how the service helps all players of the real estate business.

Redis - xchange style mainpage screenshot

Inner pages. Here we allowed for the new identity to evolve by using animated icons, illustration and branded elements.

Redis - xchange style mainpage screenshot
Redis - xchange style mainpage screenshot

Responsiveness. The new site is user-friendly on all screens.

xchange-style devices

The new identity inspired the SaaS platform's interfaces. We've designed more than 200 mockups and developed the front-end on React JS.