Boris Ignatovich. Innovator.


This is an immense and highly significant project for our studio. We dove into the world and history of classical Soviet photography and built a digital museum dedicated to the outstanding Soviet photographer and innovator, Boris Ignatovich.

Innovator is a non-profit project which has tons of amazing content and took about 2 years of hard work.

Brand Identity. In order to express the scale of his personality and creative heritage, we had to create a suitable symbol. It had to be simple and clear while reflecting the spirit of the soviet era.

That is how we created a logo
that combines the contemporary minimalism
with constructivism with its inherent geometry and contrast. The project
symbol translates onto the timeline, scrollbar and preloaders.

Boris Ignatovich life photo

In the life of any outstanding man there is a great woman. Claudia Ignatovich not only supported him along his way, but also preserved numerous archives of his works.

Main page. The main page needed to reflect the scale of the whole website and immediately submerge into the atmosphere of the digital museum. The solution was a daring photo of Ignatovich against the background that combines a contrasting logo and an abstract video with his most famous works.

Boris Ignatovich main page screen

We created not just an internet resource, but a web museum in which we expressed the extraordinary personality of this legendary Soviet photographer.

The side menu can be called on at any moment and allows you to move between sections while preserving the pages’ composition.

Video background. For an impressive background on the main page we created a polygonal sphere, in which the artist’s works are reflected as they
orbit around it.

Boris Ignatovich video background

Video background plays an immense role in this project — through it, at the milestones of Ignatovich’s story, we create an impact on the user through those key moments and events.

Design. Our main task was to show off the black-and-white works and archived materials, which explains why the background is mostly dark. At the same time, we tried to get across the metaphors nested in the identity of controls, preloaders and centered structure of the pages.

Boris Ignatovich iso screen 1

Life. Three stand-alone sections are the three life periods of the photographer’s art. It is the story which tells us how Boris Ignatovich’s path started, how he became a pioneer of Soviet avant garde photography, the founder of photojournalism and one of the most significant photo artists of his time.

Boris Ignatovich graphic


Materials are like a book with the photographer’s biography: hundreds of unique archived photos, videos and letters visualized on a timeline.

Boris Ignatovich life photo Boris Ignatovich life photo Boris Ignatovich life photo Boris Ignatovich life photo Boris Ignatovich life photo
Boris Ignatovich photo after life

Photomaterial is a unique type of content. Working with it required us to be extremely careful because we couldn’t simply crop images and alter the composition of the photographs.

Museum. We created a unique system with hundreds of photographs that are sorted by theme and genre. And archive was created that captures letters, telegrams, handwritten notes, polygraphs and journal articles. We did a colossal amount of work.



personal correspondence, press publications

Boris Ignatovich gallery pictures

All the photos in the gallery are placed in a 3-column grid. Thus, we
maximized visual harmony despite the different material formats.

Quick access to information about the pictures in different languages:
date and place of the shoot, size of print, and short description.

Boris Ignatovich exhibition

Events. The news section contains various content: articles, images, links to external sources, event announcements and video reports. We were able to create a design of all entities as one, while preserving the unique materials on the main event page.

Boris Ignatovich iso screen

Lite version. The site-museum turned out to be impressive, as is the legacy of Ignatovich. We had to adapt the site for mobile devices and give quick and easy access to photographs. That is how we created a gallery where we focused on the main subject.

Boris Ignatovich iso screen

As well as the convenient viewing, you can always send an inquiry
to calculate the printing and delivery cost for the items you liked.

Boris Ignatovich devices

Summary. We immersed ourselves in the life and work of this iconic figure and, with the help of modern technology, put up a monument to a genius of photo art. The result is a significant project which is valued in the professional community.

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